About Me

I suppose you might consider me to be sort of a developing artist, but quite frankly, I’m not too sure what I’d refer to myself as. I create not only as a coping mechanism, but because I genuinely adore art and I find it to be a rather wholesome thing to devote my time and energy to.

I’ve been taking photos digitally since a very young age and within the past year or two, I was exposed to analog photography and took quite a large liking to it. As of right now, I only shoot black & white film, as that’s all my schools darkroom supports, but I have rolls and rolls of color film that has been shot and is waiting for me to get developed.

I’ve recently developed a liking for ceramics and am currently taking a wheel-throwing class so hopefully that’ll go somewhere.

Aside from that, there’s not much to tell about myself. I like to make things and that’s that.